“The recipe of “Mum Marcella”



cooking time

60 minutes


2 people


Mrs. Marcella (Roma)

Il Galletto di "Nonna Marcella"


  • Galletto Vallespluga
  • Oil
  • Butter
  • Garlic
  • Sprig
  • Salt
  • Apple vinegar


Put a spoon of olive oil into a pan with a knob of butter, a clove of garlic, sprig of parsley and a Galletto cut into 4 pieces.
Brown over a low heat, adding salt, pepper and a little vinegar (apple vinegar is best).

When the gravy has thickened, remove the Galletto pieces and add 200g of tomatoes, cubed.

Reduce, remove the garlic clove and add some pepper, cut into strips the Galletto pieces. Finish cooking (approximately 1 hour in total), add salt as desired, and white wine to make the sauce to the desired consistency.

(The ingredients are for 1 Galletto.)


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