Valle Spluga – The quality of tradition

Valle Spluga has always made quality its main objective and distinctive feature that allowed the company to differentiate itself in the market.

Animal welfare Valle Spluga

Animal welfare

Awareness of all employees and fair operating practices allow us to maintain a high level of animal welfare at all stages of our supply chain.

Breeding and rearing on the ground

Feed produced with a specific formula for the animals, made from corn and soybeans, with added vitamins and minerals.
Excellent environmental parameters – always under control. The way of rearing is on the ground in large spaces with low density.
The control of empty  periods of the farms ensure bio-security.

Breeding and rearing on the ground Valle Spluga
Environment Valle Spluga


Conservation and improvement of biodiversity. All production sites are harmoniously integrated with the environment.
Rational waste handling.
All waste from each plant are disposed according to the strictest standards. Wide use of purifiers and phyto-purifiers of the latest generation always ensures that the parameters are way below the limits prescribed by law.

Renewable Energy sources (RES)

The Company is active in the field of solar Energy and biogas. Emissions and wastewater.

integrated production 100% Galletto
Renewable Energy sources Valle Spluga

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