The Galletto Vallespluga is reared on the ground, in large spaces and in optimum environmental conditions, with feed based on maize and soya, mountain’s air and water.

It’s delicious, never fat, ready for your favorite recipes. Lightness and fine taste are its essential qualities.

The Galletto is available both fresh and frozen.

Galletto marinated ready-to-cook

Galletto Vallespluga marinated & ready-to-cook

Galletto Vallespluga in parts, ready and quick to cook? There you go! From now onwards we got it in two different variants: Barbecue & Spicy

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Galletto Vallespluga, Scudetto Rossovallespluga

The triumph of pleasure

The selection “Scudetto Rosso” (red shield) of the Galletto Vallespluga, weighing around 500 grams, it is reared on the ground in large spaces, with mountain’s air and water, is a selected product, inimitabile, which always comes to the table fresh, a tender morsel, delicious, never fatty, ready for your favorite recipes. Lightness and fine taste are its main qualities.

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Galletto Vallespluga in net

The perfection!

The Galletto Vallespluga in net is a special selection, reared on the ground in large spaces, with mountain’s air and water.

It has an average weight of around 560 grams and for its distinctive and unique quality it is racommended for Gourmet shops and Delicatessen shops, and it is proposed in the characteristic red net.

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valtellinaGalletto Valtellina

The speciality

Valtellina: as the place from which it takes the name, it stands for mountain, tradition and quality.

Reared on the ground in large spaces, with mountain’s air and water, it is a round and delicious Galletto, with an average weight around 650 grams. Ideal for all preparations, it is always tender and tasty.

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galletto-pronto-per-la-cottura4Galletto Vallespluga ‘open’, ready-to-cook

A Galletto with a perfect cut, sold ‘open’ and ready-to-cook. With a distinctive yellow banner.

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ristorazione_prodottiGalletto for HoReCa

Valle Spluga has developed through the years several types of Galletto specifically designed and procesed to meet the various needs of HoReCa channel. The Galletto can be treated with special processes including different cuts, spicing, marinade, and more, following the request of the customer, to make it ready for professional cooking. The final tunings are made by hand, with extreme care and specialization.

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