Production methods

Production Methods Valle Spluga

Production chain

For 50 years Valle Spluga SpA has been organized in order top reduce Galletto only, directly managing all stages of the production chain. The Company has breeding farms, a hatchery, rearing farms, slaughterhouse, a processing and packaging plant and a fleet of refrigerated trucks for the distribution of the finished product.

The roosters and the hens are bred on the ground at the beginning of the deposition are trasferred on farms with collection systems eggs and perches. The eggs are trasferred in the hatchery where after 21 days the chicks born. Newborn chicks are transported in rearing farms and when ready they are send to the processing plant of Gordona.

Production Methods Valle Spluga
Trucks of Valle Spluga

Special trucks daily deliver the fresh product to customers. The direct control of the production chain, with staff from Valle Spluga, is a guarantee of consistent quality. The internal laboratory, in collaboration with Public Veterinary Service, constantly monitors the hygiene of all the production phases.

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