Valle spluga – consumer advice

Dear Customer,
thanks for your preference for Galletto Vallespluga. The following tips are simple, perhaps even banal, and for that we apologize to the experienced consumers. But these tips are aimed at young people and to those who approach for the first time our product.

customer advice galletto vallespluga

The Galletto must be kept in the fridge. Check the expiry date on the packaging;


Remember the important general hygiene rule not to handle food to be cooked and food to be eaten raw at the same time. Therefore, after having prepared the Galletto, wash your hands, the knife and plate you’ve used.


Here are two short videos that illustrate two ways to cut the Galletto

Open the Galletto with knife and poultry shears

Cut into pieces


From a gastronomic point of view, the meat of the Galletto are particularly tender, delicate, with a fine taste, high digestibility – and it is low in fat as well. It’s ideal for all kinds of preparations, from baked to grilled. Check out the section dedicated to recipes! Enjoy your meal with Galletto Vallespluga!

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