The Company today

Riding High

Top notch quality, innovation and continuous improvement: those are the elements that enable us to keep riding high, above the waves.

Environmental Awareness, 2000s

Respect for the environment

Big news with the introduction of phyto purifiers & photovoltaic pannels all over the production chain. Moreover, in those years, a new hatchery comes into operation on the picturesque hills of Piacenza.

The 90s


This is the period for technological innovations. Also, Galletto becomes well known as the perfect food companion for athletes and sports-enthusiast.

The 80s


Tv commercials are reaching a mass-audience and a peak of popularity that is still alive nowadays.

The 70s

First steps

Those are the years for setting up the growth of a Company that will soon become the leader in the market of Galletto.

The 60s

The beginning

At the end of the decade Valle Spluga SpA is born. Based in Gordona, north of Italy, the Company is located within the heart of the Alps. And our beloved mountains provide the Galletto with daily fresh air and clean water.

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