Bio security

Prevention as a strategy

Direct management Valle Spluga

Direct management

Every day a supervisor visit and directly manage the farms, where a technician is always in charge.

Sanitary checks

Samples for chemical and microbiological tests are taken and analyzed on a daily basis along the entire production chain, from breeding chick to packaging

Sanitary checks Valle Spluga
100% full, 100% empty

100% full, 100% empty

The company has 13 farms of Galletto for a total of over 100.000 sqm. During the year we alternate a number of periods of production to the same number of empty-periods. This is made to ensure the most effective clearing and disinfection of the farms.

Hi-quality water

Galletto drinks mountain’s water and is regularly controller from a microbiological and chemical point of view.

Hi-quality water Valle Spluga
Certified Feed

Certified feed

The feed used is completely vegetal (corn and soybeans) and is produced by certified mills (Certifications including: ISO 9001: 2008, UNI EN ISO 22005: 2008 and REP15 GLOBAL G.A.P.)

Sterilized litter

The litter is sterilized and is renewed, cleaned and disinfected after each rearing cycle.

filiera specializzata 100% galletto
Sterilized litter

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