cooking time

40-50 minuti


2 people


our kitchen

galletto allo spiedo


  • Galletto Vallespluga
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Spices to taste
  • lemon juice


It’s the most enjoyable cooking method: a grill is a party in itself and for this reason should be prepared with care. Galletto are particularly suitable for this method. Firstly, you need good embers, preferably from wood carbon (charcoal). Light the charcoal with the help of small pieces of wood or other suitable products, keeping the charcoal grouped together. When the fire has taken, spread them evenly and wait until there are no more flames.

While preparing the embers, you also need to prepare the Galletto. Open them in half, season both sides with salt and herbs of your choice (rosemary is ideal).In the first cooking stage, the heat should be very intense. The Galletto should be placed near the embers and turned frequently. This helps to form a protective crust without burning them. Use a large fork to turn the Galletto if using a grill or rearrange them inside a rack.

After 4-5 minutes of intense heat, remove the Galletto from the embers (by lifting the grill or the rack) in order to cook them over a less intense heat. Over an intense heat cooking time is approximately 35-40 minutes. With few embers cooking time is longer.

You can prepare a little oil, with salt and herbs, to brush over the Galletto from time to time. Be careful that potentially flammable products such as oil and fat don’t burn the Galletto.

After cooking squeeze a little lemon juice over the Galletto.

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