Animal Welfare

Awareness Valle Spluga


Everyone that comes into contact with the Galletto is properly trained and updated.

Galletto supply-chain

The company is 100% focused on Galletto, all the production chain is based on it.

Breading and Rearing protocols Valle Spluga

Breeding and Rearing Protocols

Valle Spluga drafted, over the years, its own breeding and rearing protocols: they are the basic training for all operators and identifies in detail all the factors of the animal welfare.

Veterinary area and laboratories

The veterinarian supervises all the farms, the welfare of the Galletto and the hygiene of the meat processing department.

Veterinary and laboratories Valle Spluga
Low density Valle Spluga

Low density

The Galletti live in a very low density, much lower than permitted by law.

The ‘load’ of Galletto

A dedicated team and specially trained operators are in charge of the welfare of Galletti during the pre-slaughter activities.

Transport to the slaughterhouse

In appropriate cages, with a variable density as a function of the season, the transport of Galletti takes a very short time to reach the salughterhouse.

The load of Galletto
Quality assurance Valle Spluga

Quality assurance

The quality department checks and verifies the correct execution of the operations are carried out properly.

integrated production 100% Galletto

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